Friends of the Bakery


Partners in Produce

Ellis Farms

Located in Coloma, MI. Providers of our farm-fresh eggs! Featured in our breakfast sandwiches and breakfast specials.

M&D Farms

Located in Homer Glen, IL. Providers of our herbs & veggies! Featured in our salads, soups, and sandwiches. More info here!

R&B Miller Farms 

Located in Coloma, MI. Providers of our seasonal fruits and ciders! Featured in our almond tarts and pies! More info here!

Driftless Organics 

Located in Soldier's Grove, WI. Providers of a variety of seasonal organic produce! Featured in our salads, soups, quiches. More info here!

River Valley Farms 

Located in Burlington, WI. Providers of our fresh mushrooms and Shroomshetta! More info here

Partners in Product

¡Caramelo! By Anita

Hand-crafted, artisanal sweets by Three Tarts' own confectioner! Makers of our caramels and fruit Paletas. More info here!

Big Shoulders Coffee

A small-batch, independent coffee roaster located in West Town, Chicago! Makers of our drip, decaf, and espresso roasts. More info here!

Bennison's Bakery

           Located in Evanston, IL. Makers of our French Baguette, Olive Rosemary,  Rye, Country French, and Multigrain breads. More info here!

Maple Grove Farm

Maple syrup made the old fashioned way in Lebanon, Ohio!

Wisco Pop!

Organic craft sodas and flavored sparkling waters from Driftless, Wisconsin. More info here!